Last weekend we had new experiences at the Tap dance festival in Warszawa - TipTapRun 2019. Here are some of our students who shared with us their impressions about the festival.

Linda Rozenblate

I really liked Ruben’s and Alex’s teaching methods and styles. It was also cool to try new dance styles, such as Swing and House. And, of course, it was nice to meet other tappers, form new friendships and just to be in that Tap world for those 3 days.

Marta Bīdermane

TipTapRun 2019 was my first festival and it really inspired me to develop technique and to work on new steps. The experiences I got during the festival is fantastic! But what I probably liked the most were the people I met and overall communication between all Tap dancers - it made me feel as a part of a community.

Annija Ķesele

It was a joy to visit and meet Anula, whom I met years ago at the Stockholm Tap Festival and who diligently and with determination shapes the Tap community in Warszawa. I'm happy that this festival is growing and developing and that it is visited by many foreign Tap dancers from which to get inspiration from.

A big thank you! to the faculty - Ruben Sanchez and Aleksandr Ostanin for the inspiration and new dance steps! Thank you to the festival organisers, personally to Anula and Magda! And greetings to all of our new #tapfam friends!!!

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