• Date and time: 28.05.2022. | 7:00 p.m.
  • Venue: Dance studio "Studio SPACE" (Lāčplēša street 60, Riga, Latvia)
  • Participation in the jam: donation of 8 euros
  • Participation in a tap dance masterclass: donation of 15 euros

In honor of the International Tap dance day, we are starting a new tradition – "Riga TAP JAM". It is a tap dance jam with live music that is planned as a biannual event with the goal to bring closer tap dancers from all Baltic States as well as other countries. All level tap dancers and jazz musicians are welcome to join! Others are welcome to join the audience and experience the magic as viewers. Jazz musician company "Svena Vilsona Trio" - Svens Vilsons, Andris Grunte, Kalvis Sležis -Zaļkalns - will take care of the musical background – interacting with tap dance improvisations they will perform the most famous jazz standards. The evening will be hosted by the amazing Rita Biezeka.

During the day, there will be tap dance masterclasses taught by tap dance masters from Baltic states. Suitable for all levels.

Don't wait long to apply – the number of participants in the masterclasses is limited!

Registration for the masterclasses is open till May 27 (including)!



  • BEG – dancers without prior knowledge
  • BEG/INT – dancers with little prior knowledge
  • INT – dancers with prior knowledge
  • INT/ADV – dancers with prior knowledge and several years of experience

3:30 p.m.

Annija Mangale (LV)

Level: BEG and BEG/INT
Masterclass language: Latvian and English

4:30 p.m.

Veronika Smolina (EE)

Level: BEG/INT and INT
Masterclass language: English and Russian

5:30 p.m.

Marta Bidermane (LV)

Level: INT and INT/ADV
Masterclass language: Latvian and English


Annija Mangale (LV) is the founder and artistic director of the tap dance group and studio "Soul Tap". She has been a tap dancer and tap dance choreographer for more than 10 years. Every year Annija attends the biggest tap dance festivals and masterclasses in Europe to improve her dance knowledge and skills, overall she has participated in more than 30 international experience exchange programs. Day to day she teaches tap dance in the tap dance studio "Soul Tap" in Riga and organizes events and masterclasses to grow the tap dance community in Latvia. Annija also often cooperates with different genre musicians to create dance and live music performances for creative cultural projects.

Veronika Smolina (EE) is a tap dancer from Estonia with more than 11 years of experience. During this time she has attended several international tap dance festivals and improved her dance knowledge and skills by learning from the best tap dancers in the World. At the moment Veronika is creating a new tap dance community in Estonia and teaching the new generation of tap dancers. She is always excited to meet new tap dance enthusiasts and enjoys dancing together with them.

Marta Bīdermane (LV) is a tap dancer and choreographer since 2014. She is a professional tap dancer in the dance group "Soul Tap". Marta regularly attends tap dance festivals and masterclasses to grow her knowledge and skills in dance. She embraces the multiplicity of tap dance and enjoys creating choreographies for all kinds of music genres – from classical to jazz, funk, and hip-hop.


  • 1 class – 15 euros
  • 2 classes – 25 euros
  • 3 classes – 35 euros
  • Participation in the jam for masterclass attendants – 5 euros
  • Participation in the jam for others – 8 euros

Register for the masterclasses!